Here are the 5 weight loss secrets I use all the time.

I hear the question all the time… How can I have a French chef husband and still be in shape? To tell you the truth, I have lost 20 pounds since being married to this handsome maker of all things yummy. And, without ever feeling hungry and always enjoying the foods I love the most! I have learned some weight loss secrets to eating myself thin, and I am going to share them with you.


Keep Your House Clean


And when I mean clean, I mean don’t bring all the bad stuff from the grocery store into your house. If it’s not there, you won’t be tempted to eat it. It’s as simple as that.


Never, EVER, Skip Meals


One of the most important weight loss secrets! Skipping meals is a no-no for weight loss. You might think that you’re doing yourself a favor by cutting out all those calories, but you’re setting yourself up for a metabolism disaster. Skipping meals slows your metabolism down, and if you’re in your mid-thirties or later like I am, this means extra s—l—o–w… Keep in mind that the MOST IMPORTANT meal of the day is, you guessed it, breakfast! Eat breakfast like a queen, lunch like a princess, and dinner like a dairymaid.


Eat What You LOVE (In Moderation)


Are you majorly craving some chocolate? Have some! It doesn’t mean you have to eat a ton of it. A little square will do. Let yourself feel like you’re having a treat sometimes. If you avoid the things you love, you will find yourself overindulging in them later on and will only lead to regrets. One of the most loved weight loss secrets. 


Fill Up On Fiber


Leave on that apple peel, don’t peel your potatoes, and make fiber your friend. You should be eating at least 20-35 grams of fiber a day. Most Americans get FAR LESS than that. Fiber helps fill you up without all the extra calories, digest your food better, will help you lose weight, and also reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke.


Water Yourself Down


You should be drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water a day. Feeling hungry? Think about how much water you had today. You might be confusing thirst for hunger. I always keep a large glass of water near my bed. That way when I wake up, I can rehydrate after a long night of fasting, start my metabolism, and get my day off on the right foot.

Ladies, I hope you have a WONDERFUL day and use these simple weight loss secrets of eating yourself thin.

I will keep posting more tips to help you achieve your goals, so keep an eye out!

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