Dr. Carissa and team
Dr. Carissa Alinat

Hi! I’m Doctor Carissa Alinat.

I’m a sought-after leader in Hormone Replacement Therapy and Weight Loss.

I own and run a busy clinic in Florida and have helped thousands of patients reach their wellness goals.

I’m the author of a popular weight loss book, The French Paleo Burn. And I have published dozens of articles in medical journals and national health magazines.

That makes me an expert ready to help you! 

I’m also a mother of five who has struggled with her own wei  ht. I tried countless diets. I failed and then finally succeeded. So naturally, I take a personal interest in your weight loss journey, sharing the ups and downs – and offering encouragement and real solutions you can put into action.

That makes me human… and able to connect with you and my patients on many levels. A trusted friend…

When I’m not treating patients, researching medical literature, or writing, I love spending time with my family, traveling, reading, staying fit, and spending as much time as I can outdoors.

I’m Dr Carissa, and you can count on me to help you get your life back on track, feel great, and crush your aspirations and your dreams.

Dr Carissa Alinat, PhD, ARPN

Gui Alinat

Gui Alinat

Chef Nutritionist

Born, raised, and trained as a chef in France, I am a 48 years old fit chef who stands behind all our recipes.
I am passionate about the super healthy Mediterranean lifestyle, hunting mushrooms, dining and drinking wine. I appeared on HSN and the Food Network.
I also wrote The Chef’s Repertoire, Eat More Burn More™, and co-authored The French Paleo Burn with my wife Dr. Carissa.

We live in Dunedin, Florida with our five children.


Fritzie Abaquita

Fritzie Abaquita

Executive Assistant

Born and raised in the Philippines, I am a single parent to a lovely baby girl named Stacee Jaxx, who serves as my inspiration to persevere in life.

I support Dr. Carissa and her husband Chef Gui in a wide range of tasks. I am a top-rated Executive Assistant and Customer Service Specialist who finds pleasure working at home.

I love to do karaoke, travel experiences here and abroad, and do practical shopping finds.


James Lloyd J. Clavel

James Lloyd J. Clavel

Web Ninja

Engineering degree with a passion in learning new things related to technology and the internet.

With more than 15-years of experience as web-developer here in the Philippines and abroad, still my interest to learn never stops as technology evolves faster than ever before.

Web development by day, husband and a dad most of the time cool

I love going places where my bike takes me. Sometimes it’s on the road, but nothing beats the muddy tracks surrounded by trees and be with nature.

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