Hey i’m here for some more commonly asked questions, and today’s commonly asked question is….

Do detox diets work or are they just a fad?

So i’m here to tell you that there are plenty of detoxes out there that are not beneficial, such as juice detoxes were you are only drinking juice and nothing else.

For, you know, a few days to a week, that’s not really a healthy way of detoxing.

It also does not give you all the nutrients that you need to detoxify your body.

The best kind of detox involves a lot of fiber. So fresh foods and vegetables.

Things that will clean up your intestinal track. The reason for this is because you have a lot of micro organisms like bacteria that naturally live in your gut.

They can be beneficial for you, some are not, so when you eat a lot of fiber, you’re cleaning out all that nastiness basically, so that your body can prepare for a more healthy intestinal track.

The micro organisms like bacteria that live in your gut, they play a big part in your metabolism actually so you wanna make sure that your gut health is healthy so that you can lose weight more easily.

Also a good detox involves a lot of nutrients, you need nutrients to support your liver which is, which place a large role in fat metabolism.

So you need to support your liver and clean up your intestinal track, that’s the most beneficial detox that you can use.

I hope you’re enjoying my video and article and can now answer the question: Do Detox Diets Work?.. The right answer is that only some work. That’s why I designed The 5-Day Detox. The 5-Day Detox is science-based and is designed to safely lose weight fast, as well as gaining the motivation necessary to see results and keep at it. 

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