Hey Dr. Carissa here, I’m in my office and a lot of people ask me…

What can I do to trim down my waistline, what exercises can i do to make my waistline slimmer?

The answer is that there is not really a set of exercises that can target that area, whenever you do exercises like crunches, or sit-up’s your building up your abdominal muscles.

The problem is that if you have a fat layer over that muscle, then that’s not really gonna do anything.

So you have to diet and lose body fat, whenever you do workout, even just crunches or core exercises, you know working on the mid section, you’re gonna lose weight throughout your whole body not just your belly area.

So it’s a misconception that doing crunches and sit-ups will give you a smaller waistline.

You have to lose weight overall, when you do that then you’ll lose weight not only in your legs and arms but in your belly area also, and if you do strength exercises like crunches or sit-ups and you build up that muscle.

That’s when you’re more likely to have more definition there, so people with six packs for example, they have a lot of muscle there, and not a lot of body fat, very low body fat.

Hope that helps!

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