Customized Supplements Prescription


Dr. Carissa will review your history and goals, and select the best natural supplements you need to reach your specific goals (ex: “eliminate hot flashes” or “lose weight in my midsection”).

  1. Add to cart and check out.
  2. We’ll give you access to the personal assessment. Fill it out in 10 minutes and press “send” (private and secure).
  3. Dr. Carissa will review your personal assessment, and email you a custom-designed list of natural supplements.
  4. You will receive an email from our preferred provider (FullScript) and you can choose to purchase your natural supplements through them, or take the list and shop around.
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Just because a supplement is all the rage doesn’t mean it is right for you.

Do you actually know which supplement regimen will effectively get rid of your menopause symptoms?..
Or are you just taking a (costly) guess?

The truth is… You can’t possibly know unless a medical professional carefully reviews your medical history, and understand what makes you… YOU.

That’s precisely what Dr. Carissa wants to do for you right now.

Taking random supplements doesn’t help. Especially if they’re trendy. It’s a just a costly “hit-or-miss” game, and can also be dangerous.

Rather, Dr. Carissa is not only reviewing your specific goals with you (“I want to lose weight”, “I want to get rid of hot flashes”, “I want to sleep at night”, “I want to regain my libido”, etc…), but she's also looking into your specific medical history to detect what exactly is going to help you at this point in your life. Imagine the possibilities… And remember that this is a prescription for NATURAL supplements; not medication.

Once you add the supplement prescription to your cart, you will receive quick access to the members area, where you will find the assessment. Take the assessment in about 10 minutes. As soon as you finish it, Dr. Carissa will receive it and will get to work. Depending on how busy she gets that day, she may or may not be able to get to it. But please expect your personalized prescription within 2 business days.

Then again, either take your personalized prescription and shop around, or for convenience purchase from our preferred provider. The choice is yours.


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