Dirt-Cheap, Ultra-Fast Cookbook


Digital, downloadable cookbook with 25 tested, delicious fat-burning recipes and 25 full professional photos for each recipe. Each recipe takes less than 30 minutes of active time. Paleo inspired. 60-Day money back guarantee.

Super Simple Paleo Chili | Ultra Fast Shredded Pork | Baked Salmon Gremolata | Easy Hungarian Goulash | Unrolled Cabbage Rolls | Loaded Sweet Potatoes | Spicy Chicken Wings | Leafy Greens Frittata | And more…

Are you too busy to cook healthy meals and lose weight?

Discover The Secret To Making Fat-Burning Meals That are DIRT-CHEAP and ULTRA-FAST

Never eat fast food again. You now have a quick, convenient, and cheap cookbook to save you time and money!
Don’t let this pass you by. If you have children this is an ABSOLUTE MUST so you can create healthy meals for them even if you’re in a huge rush. Remember: how they eat now is what they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.


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