Elisabeth, 46 Years Old, Lost 100 lbs

“The fact that I am getting to this healthy, injury free, being the most fit I ever been in my entire life at 46 years old and how focused i have been is because I have had an amazing group of people supporting me unconditionally.

18 months ago, I was talking to my great friend Stefany about my weight, and how I wanted to change my life.

She told me to go see Dr Carissa Alinat. A week later I started. The support I got from Dr Alinat and her team, my family and my friends was amazing… I started feeling better and better months after months.

September 2018, with the push of my friends I decided to run/walk my first 5K. And now I’ve just signed up for my first triathlon… So two more days before I stand on the start line… this is the most terrifying thing I have ever done. I might be the last one to finish but I will finish !

๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐ŸBE YOUR GOAT ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ

A big Thank you to every one who have been supporting me !!! โ€” Dr. Carissa Alinat, Mary, Lizzy and many others.”

Nancy and Joe, 65 and 67 Years Old, Lost 45 lbs Eachย 

“We are incredibly grateful to Dr Carissa who showed us how to be smart and change our lifestyle in her book The French Paleo Burn.

My husband Joe and I have challenged each other and we just followed the lifestyle changes demonstrated by Dr Carissa.

And we just dropped the weight.

I recommend her program and credit her for changing our life.”


Jennifer, 40, Lost 90 lbs

“Thank you so much for all the helpful e-mails this last week.

I must tell you that I bought your program last year and am LOVING it! I had been struggling with food for so long as I’ve had food sensitivities since I was young. I mostly did low carb eating, but several years back I got on the vegan kick for a bit, then again recently, and have been confused ever since. I have always felt badly eating most diets.

After I bought your program last year, I went through the phase 1 and then phase 2. One year, 90 lbs. I was SHOCKED at the results.

I adore your program and have always loved simple cooking, so I especially enjoy your recipes. Plus, after my trip to Paris several years back I appreciate even more your exercise plan and French Secrets. And I especially love that you focus on women over 35 (I’m 40).

Thank you so much Dr. Carissa for saving my life and putting me on the right track.”


Carissa, 37 Years Old, Lost 50 lbs

ย Yes, this is me. Dr Carissa. Isn’t it crazy what a couple of years and smart dieting can do? Not only to your body, but also your self-esteem, confidence, and overall health.ย ย 

When I say that I know how you feel, I mean it. You can’t function at your greatest if you are held back by silly preoccupations (“Does this dress make me look fat?”) that affect your positivity and your self-confidence.ย ย 

On the left, this is me as a struggling mom with a useless degree and below-average job before I went back to school, and not much to show for myself except a lot of guilt and worries surrounding my body image. I was depressed, irritable, exhausted, and on medications to try to help me feel better. I hated my body and I felt terrible.โ€จ

On the right, this is me now as a fulfilled woman, wife and mother, with so much more confidence and love for my body. Because I stopped hating myself, I found more love, patience, and understanding for others, too. I truly believe (because Iโ€™ve been through it) that your entire destiny can change by committing to solutions that help you feel better physically and emotionally.

Start your transformative journey with me. The hardest is to make the decision to start and commit. Make that step now.ย Start here.ย Start here.


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