Dr. Carissa Alinat’s first book, The Menopause Switch, is now out on preorder on Amazon. The official book launch is on Sunday July 2020, both as a Kindle and as paperback.



The Menopause Switch hit #1 New Release Bestseller in one of its category: Mid-Life Management.

Amazon best seller



Anticipation had been building for a book that Dr. Carissa wrote because “Patients asked me to write it so I did.” Last week, she received the first printed copy from her publisher. Check out the fun video below.



Writing and publishing a book is exciting. To celebrate the release of The Menopause Switch, Dr. Carissa is offering 100 giveaway copies on GoodReads. Fell free to enter the contest.

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The Menopause Switch

by Dr. Carissa Alinat

Giveaway ends July 12, 2020.

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If you are just hearing about The Menopause Switch and are wondering what the buzz is about, here are the advance praises for the book.

“Every woman should read this book! Dr. Carissa shares her professional expertise and personal experiences in an easy to understand dialog. She provides thoughtful answers and advice for every problem women face in menopause.”
 – Virginia A. Ward, MD

“There are tips and ‘secrets’ in here that your own physician may not know to share.” – Dan M. Ritchie, PhD

“In my opinion, every woman should read this book. Dr. Carissa Alinat expertly explains hormones and their effects on sleep, weight gain, brain fog, and sex drive in this easy-to-read book. A must for any woman who wants to have a better understanding of how their hormones affect so many aspects of their lives and how they feel. Dr. Carissa gives actionable advice on what you can do RIGHT NOW to improve your health.”
 – Katie Kaffai, Founder Living Young Center for Health & Anti-Aging

“Dr. Alinat is captivating and heroic in her genuine discussion on the taboo topic of ‘being hormonal’ and illuminates the biological underpinnings of what it is to be a woman, inspiring self-acceptance and radical insights to feeling whole again during the menopause journey.”
 – Lauren Wright MSN, AGNP-BC, Founder and CEO of The Natural Nipple, Microbiome + Immunity Researcher

“This book should help a lot of women and maybe even some men who have no idea about how to handle midlife. It is a good read and I like the way Dr. Carissa wrote as if sitting down to chat over a glass of resveratrol.”
 – Laura Boyd, Patient

“High praise for The Menopause Switch! This book is an easy read, but don’t be fooled. It’s full of ‘need to know’ information to successfully navigate menopause (before, during and after!). Finally, a down-to-earth guide with actionable steps that will help women understand what’s happening and what to do to take back control of our own bodies. Thank you for empowering women with this valuable knowledge.” 
– Shawna Kaminski BKin, BEd, Female Health Expert & Best-Selling Author of Lose Your Menopause Belly

“Dr. Carissa has written a book that is well-researched, covering topics that are current: Unhealthy plastics and the infamous endocrine disruptors. The book is not only a pleasure to read but covers lots of excellent information put together to improve women’s health and more importantly, address the adjunct therapies for going through menopause. I highly recommend it for any woman at any stage of life.” 
– Linda Lewallen, MD

“Before I begin, it is important to understand my relationship with Dr. Carissa Alinat, as I have known her as an incredible nurturer of children for many, many years. As a pediatrician, my relationship with mothers and women in general is crucial. I have been fortunate to help take care of thousands of first- and second-generation families in my practice for the past 30 years and my thirst for knowledge about the health of women and how it relates to their raising of children has always been of great interest to me. I have found Dr. Alinat’s book to help quench that thirst as it yields fascinating insight into the changing body, mind, and soul of women as they experience and pass through menopause. The information gathered here in my journey of reading her wonderful piece of work will be invaluable as I continue my career taking care of families, especially women as mothers and grandmothers. I want to thank Dr. Carissa Alinat because I know the information her book will help me be a better pediatrician… and husband.”
– Greg H. Savel, MD, FAAP, Myrtle Avenue Pediatrics, Morsani College of Medicine, University of South Florida II

“As a woman in her thirties and mom of a little girl, The Menopause Switch spoke to me in so many ways. Dr. Carissa breaks down the science of female hormones in a way that is easy to digest and puts into perspective the importance of being mindful and considerate about how everything from the products we use, birth control, exercise, and nutrition affect our hormone balance. It was empowering to read how much control I really have over what I used to think was just part of being a woman. A must-read!”
 – Dr. Katie Harney, Certified Nutrition Consultant, Female Fat Loss Specialist, Empowered

“Dr. Carissa’s in depth knowledge, research and experience make The Menopause Switch an outstanding tool to transition to a new and exciting phase.  A very enjoyable read, she details what happens, why it happens, and what to do about it using a comprehensive approach encompassing the mind, body and surrounding environment.  A step-by-step guide to flip the switch is complemented by scrumptious recipes developed by her renowned husband Chef Gui  Alinat. A double delight!” 
– Maria-Carmen Wilson, MD. Associate Professor of Neurology UQ/Ochsner Medical School

“Menopause is a natural phase of life, it cannot be avoided, nor does it need to be dreaded.   Carissa gives excellent, practical information that men and women need to hear.   You must be your own health advocate, there are tips and “secrets” in here that you own physician may not know to share. This book is a must-read!”
 – Dan M. Ritchie, PhD   President of the Functional Aging Institute and best-selling author of Never Grow Old!

“Dr. Carissa Alinat has a humorous, down to earth and personal way of demystifying menopause and its basic concepts. Her modern approach is functional and accessible. She has a fresh look into a clean, natural and ecologic approach to managing this unavoidable phase of  life that can be challenging for some women and their loved ones. This is a fun resource book to keep handy.”
-Christine Laramée M.D.



The Menopause Switch was inspired by the successful protocol developed by Dr. Carissa in her private practice to help menopausal women manage their symptoms naturally.

If your body has stopped responding to diets and exercise during midlife and everybody is telling you that “it’s normal,” this easy-to-read book will show you how you can simply flip the switch to finally live a normal life again, reducing hot flashes, weight gain, insomnia, and the end of intimacy.

Menopause is an unavoidable, natural phase of life which comes with its share of confusion. However, menopausal changes don’t have to be dreaded.

In The Menopause Switch, Dr. Carissa  offers science-based facts that she translates into easy-to-follow, natural and actionable tips so that any woman suffering from menopause can easily regain the vitality and body of her youth. In stirring away from unproven silliness, the author focuses on real, effective, and natural solutions.

Written with authority and her humorous demeanor, Dr. Carissa provides an outstanding tool to transitioning to a new and exciting phase. She details what happens, why it happens, and reveals the exact blueprint to living a more normal life, making The Menopause Switch a trusted step-by-step guide to treat yourself the way Mother Nature intended: Naturally.

In The Menopause Switch you are about to find out:

  • What hormones are and do, explained in a clear and concise language that is actually entertaining.
  • What happens when your hormones go awry.
  • The exact blueprint to bring yourself back into balance.
  • How to address the root causes of your menopause problems, without relying on medication that often camouflages them.
  • What changes you can make before menopause to make menopause more manageable once it occurs.
  • What the “stress hormone” is and how it sabotages your chances to losing weight.
  • How to practice self love and stress reduction.
  • Why fat seems to gravitate around your waistline once you reach a certain age, and what exactly you can do about it.
  • The secret to effective weight loss after age 35.
  • Exactly what foods you should absolutely stay away from, and why you should never buy low-fat foods.
  • How to get “in the mood for love” again, and eliminate vaginal dryness, pain during sex, and increase your sex drive and ability to reach orgasms.
  • Which natural supplements you can take to regain your vitality after menopause.
  • How to get rid of “sleep vampires” and wake refreshed.
  • How to regain a youthful skin and soften age spots and acne that sometimes reappear during menopause.
  • What causes brittle nails and thinning hair, and what exactly you can actually do about it.
  • What 7 switches you can easily flip to regain sanity, and manage or eliminate your menopause symptoms.
  • and much more…
  • Also includes 27 delicious, quick, and easy-to-make recipes engineered by award-winning cookbook author Chef Gui Alinat, CEC

You are probably looking for real solutions to such terrible annoyances as hot flashes, mood swings, weight gain, vaginal dryness, sleep issues, night sweats, lack of mental clarity, loss of breast fullness, thinning hair and dry skin…
If so, you are not alone. In her private practice, Dr. Carissa helps dozens helps women every week regain their sanity. Better yet, she inspires and empowers women to disrupt aging and live their best life past midlife.
So if you are a woman on suffering from menopause, or if you are dreading that upcoming and unavoidable stage in your life, or even if you are a man interested in knowing what the woman in your life is going through, then, click here to buy The Menopause Switch on Amazon, and begin your journey to wellness.


I’m here to help. 

What if I told you that everything you have been taught about menopause, that it’s an inevitable decline in women’s health and wellbeing and there’s nothing you can do about it, is a lie? What if I told you reinvention is possible at any age and you can achieve the highest possible level of wellness after the first half of your life?

The word “menopause” stems from Latin words meaning “monthly stop,” referring to the cessation of your menstrual cycle. It does not mean your life stops. In fact, for many women, this is just the start of a beautiful new beginning. It’s time to switch from a negative mindset of giving up to a brand new positive attitude that there’s a bump in the road and it’s time to mend it so you can cruise through the rest of your life feeling vibrant, healthy, happy, and confident. You can live intentionally again. You can be victorious.

There’s a quote by Carl Jung that I adore: “Life really does begin at forty. Up until then, you are just doing research.”

Midlife presents an opportunity to take the wisdom that you have gained, the knowledge you have attained, and the courage you have acquired to live out your best life with confidence, freedom, and an “it’s about me now” attitude.

This is not snake oil. My education, experience in clinical research trials, ability to pick apart peer-reviewed randomized clinical trials, and my hands-on experience with patients at my clinic, has helped me create this step-by-step guide to helping women find balance naturally and effectively. With that being said, I am also careful not to overdeliver. Sometimes eating, exercising, detoxing, and supplementation just isn’t enough. That means I do prescribe bio-identical hormones when I deem it necessary, but I often offer natural, effective treatments to try first.

I’m a nurse practitioner with a PhD in research. I run a busy clinic in Florida and I treat women’s hormones through a functional medicine approach. I also have experience working on multimillion-dollar clinical trials. This means I can dig through piles upon piles of research studies to find the best scientific evidence.

I’m a wife. I understand that balanced hormones are essential for keeping a sane marriage or relationship.

I’m a mother. I understand that balanced hormones are also essential for keeping a sane family life.

I’m a daughter. I know that hormone imbalances often run in families and cause harm. Obesity, depression/anxiety, fibrocystic breasts, and uterine fibroids run in my family. Both my mother and grandmother had hysterectomies in their 20’s.

I’m a woman. Just like you, I have been confused about what’s happening within my body and looked for answers. The answers weren’t in the most obvious places but through years of research, education, and blood, sweat, and tears, The Menopause Switch was developed, tested, found to be effective, and it has already helped so many women in my practice. Now, it’s available to you and thousands of other women around the world, too.


The Menopause Switch is divided into three parts.

Part I: Hormones 101 equips you with the fundamentals. Chapter 1 provides a basic primer on what hormones are, with focus on the top 3 that are most likely to cause you to feel crummy during midlife. Chapters 2 and 3 describe the different stages in a woman’s reproductive life, the hormonal shifts that occur starting from the first time a woman gets her period until years after it ends, what problems can go awry, affecting the way she feels, especially around the time of menopause.


Part II: Preparing for the Menopause Switch educates you on what goes in our mouths, what touches our skin, what we breathe in, how we cope with stress, how our genes behave, all affect our hormones. Based on exhaustive detective work, I have created a step-by-step guide on how to lower the toxic load in your environment, in your body, and in your mind, so that you can put back into harmony your delicate balance of hormones, so you can regain your vitality.


Part III: Flipping the Menopause Switch hones in on the most common midlife complaints with targeted lifestyle changes, neutraceutical and botanical therapies to help reduce or eliminate bothersome menopausal symptoms. These recommendations are based on a robust amount of research, as you will notice from my vast amount of references.


Part IV: Recipes will take you into your own kitchen, where you’ll learn that cooking while on menopause can be a lot of fun. My husband, Chef Gui Alinat, has put together 28 delicious recipes using my guidelines. Food has a specific impact on your body. Together we’ll learn what foods you should enjoy, and which ones you should stay away from. I don’t advocate for restrictive diets. Quite the contrary, my bi-yearly stays in France with my husband’s family has turned me into a lover of great foods, and we tried to communicate that love to you. Embrace food.


Before we go any further, let me just say first that attitude always affects success. The most successful people in this world started out with a positive vision. Amelia Earheart didn’t become the first female aviator to fly over the Atlantic Ocean because she thought her ability was lacking. Sara Blakely didn’t invest her life in creating Spanx, deeming her the youngest self-made female billionaire in 2012, if she didn’t believe in it.
Okay, so maybe these examples aren’t exactly at the same parallel with menopause but you get my point – people don’t succeed without having a vision first.


So, if hot flashes, sleeping difficulties, and weight gain are dragging you down but you don’t think there’s anything you can do to fix them, you don’t need another book on menopause, you need a vision makeover. If you have a vision that you can reclaim your body, your sanity, and your happiness, then you’ve come to the right place. This book will help you live out your vision.


Be your “GOAT”; Be your Greatest of All Time.


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