A weight loss plateau may be hard to beat. In this video, I discuss what to do to beat your plateau and give you actionable tips to pass that threashold.

So a lot of patients asked…

I’ve had my weight loss plateau, why has this happened and what can i do about it.

So i would tell them that this can happen for another reasons.

Either your metabolism has slowed down cause you’ve been too strict with your diet and you’ve eaten such a small amount of calories for a long period of time.

Basically in that case you actually need to have a cheat meal.

Actually recommend Joel Marion’s book on that, it was called “Cheat to Lose“. He kind of explains the reasons why cheating on a diet helps.

Because it can boost your metabolism back up, so his book kind of reviews how to do it the proper way so that you don’t actually gain weight instead by cheating.

Another reason why people hit a weight loss plateau is that they think that they have hit the plateau.

However it might just be a little bit slower, their weight loss for example.

So if they were, if they don’t have a lot of weight to lose to begin with, then your body fat decreases and you don’t have a lot left.

Then your body is not going to lose much more fat. So it goes away a lot slower and it’s harder to get those few pounds off you may have left.

The last part is that if you have been dieting for a while, then you might not be focusing on what you’re eating.

We recommend keeping a food journal, a diary, and tracking what you have been eating. So that, you’re aware and you don’t actually go over your calorie limits without knowing.

Hope that helps.

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