Should I go paleo?


It seems like everyone is on some kind of fad diet. Sure, I have tried some things out in the past, trying to lose a few pounds, but as I grew older and wiser I learned that fad diets just don’t work. But then I heard about Paleo. Another “fad” diet? Or not? I wanted to find out just what all the hoot was about, so for the first time in my life, I dedicated 2 weeks in my calendar to going Paleo. I figured that during those two weeks, I would have enough time to “feel” any changes in my body but not long enough to go completely crazy without my beloved non-Paleo foods. So, I cut out all grains, dairy, sugar, beans, alcohol, processed food products, etc. This is what happened:


Two Days of Grumpy

For the first two days after going Paleo, I had big cravings and I was tired. Honestly, it was hard to resist temptations. However, I was strong enough to stick to my guns and not cave in. After those two days, the cravings subsided and I felt better. I wasn’t staring at in my fridge at all the foods I had previously felt like I was missing out on. My palate changed and my tummy was happy. Science says that you have the same taste receptors in your intestinal lining as on your tongue. When you are used to eating a lot of sugar, your intestinal tract starts to “crave” sweet foods. Take those away and you have a grumpy gut. Luckily, your gut changes with diet changes and the cravings go away.


Lost Weight FAST

Wow. This really surprised me. There was one point when I was losing a pound a day, after about the first week. I think my body went into a ketogenic state and the fat started to melt off. I was working out, mind you, but I wasn’t working out more than I was before going Paleo and my weight had been stable.



Tummy Went Bye-Bye

My belly shrank. Normally, I feel bloated from time to time, mostly because of extra carbs I eat. By cutting grains, dairy, etc., my tummy went flat. I was feeling and looking good! I even went jogging in a sports bra with no tank top over it (which I never did before!)


Energy Boost

After the first two days, I felt more energetic. I slept better and I just felt really good inside, which motivated me. I went on a cleaning spree and reorganized all my closets, painted walls, installed updated light fixtures… My husband started to give me weird looks…



I am going to be open with you, maybe a little too open, but my bathroom habits became, ummmm…. Regular. You see, when you go Paleo, the gut flora in your intestines changes (in a good way!). So your bowel habits may change. Mine became more regular and I felt cleansed.

After two weeks, I felt like a new person. And, it wasn’t hard at all. Instead of all the sugar-laced junk I was eating before, I indulged in bacon and beef jerky. I still had my chocolate (dark chocolate of course!). It did take a little planning for meals. I packed my lunches for work because I knew that would be a time when I most likely would end up at the food truck outside of work and God knows that they usually whip up some awful things that are sure to make your body puff.

I hope you give Paleo a try and see for yourself!

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