In this video I discuss and answer the¬†question: “Why do low-carb diets work?”.


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The reason why they work has to do with your blood sugar levels.

So whenever you eat a food that is high in carbohydrates, processed foods, like bread for example, when you eat that food, it makes your blood sugar spike, and because your blood sugar is rising then your insulin hormone increases as well, to try and get that blood sugar out of the blood stream and into your cells to be used as energy.

So that combination quick spike in blood sugar and spike in insulin, promotes fat storage.

So when you got a LOW-CARB diet and you focus more on protein or healthy fats then it has a more minimal effect on your blood sugar levels.

It keeps them more steady, so your avoiding this roller coaster effect, like you get with high CARB meals, BAD CARB meals basically like pizza, burgers, things like that.

So when you avoid that spike, that roller coaster effect, then your body can burn fat more efficiently.

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