I’m Dr. Carissa, a sought-after leader in Hormone Therapy and Weight Loss.

My goal is to help you feel great in your body and improve your life.

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Ask Dr. Carissa

From me to you, let me answer all of your questions directly, so that you can enjoy your journey towards the mind and body of your dreams. Ask away and solution what bugs you.

Hormones dr. Carissa


Truth be told, most if not all of your issues related to your weight, sleep, eating habits, sexual health, exercise, and even motivation, can be traced back to your hormones. I treat dozens and dozens of patients every day, and help them regain hormone balance, good health, and their sanity. Naturally.

Dr. Carissa weight loss

Weight Loss

Your journey towards your dream body can be simple and easy, or it can become your worst nightmare. I will show you exactly how to enjoy life, shed pounds, tone your body, eat right, and be in the very best shape of your life, effortlessly.

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Kitchen Cures

So much of your good health depends on what you eat, and therefore what you cook. Click here for our resident chef’s simple recipes, delicious meal plans, fun videos, expert tips, and overall real life cooking.

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